You have to see the world from many POINTS OF VIEW to get the right perspective.


It’s called “thinking outside the box,” but Audré Skakoon will tell you that in actuality it’s the ability to envision a variety of “boxes” of different angles, shapes and sizes, and even no box at all. For many years Audré did just that when she helped people who had suffered life-altering injuries find new ways to make a living. Like the former boat pilot what had lost his long-distance vision. Once Audré discovered his love for horses and riding, she found him an apprenticeship with a master in the art of decorating saddles and other tack equipment. The close and finely detailed work suited him perfectly, and now he too, is a master in this highly specialized field.

Beyond Bureaucracy

Many of the jobs Audré found were far from typical. But then Audré has always been one who never hesitates to look at the world with fresh eyes. For as long as she can remember, she has sought new answers, new methods and new directions to solve a problem and achieve a goal. Indeed, that ability to envision a variety of possibilities has been the foundation of her success in life.

A Heritage of Helping Others

Audré was raised by loving parents with strong traditional values that placed family, church and work above all else. But the household itself was anything but traditional. Audré’s parents had volunteered to provide a shelter home for children in crisis. Over the years many children passed through, some leaving after only a brief stay, others remaining for months and even years. With so much exposure to a broad range of different cultures and experiences, Audré learned to look for the best in people–a quality that would prove essential to her future career.

A Strong Inspiration

The generosity of Audré parents inspired her to give back as well. After earning her college degree, she began working as a career counselor and job developer for private vocational schools. But she found far greater satisfaction when she entered the field of health and human services. As a counselor in vocational rehabilitation, Audré worked with people from all walks of life who had suffered catastrophic injuries that often ended a much-loved job or highly promising career. “Sometimes I had to dig deep to identify their potential, but I always knew it was there,“ she says. “And when I found it, I never stopped looking for every opportunity for my clients. I really loved to see them succeed.”

A Unique Perspective

Audré’s exceptional skill at identifying unique opportunities is also the foundation of her success as a real estate professional. She combines that perspective with a proactive approach that enables her to help buyers and sellers alike achieve their goals for their valuable real estate investments. Few professionals have an eye for the wide range of possibilities as Audré, and her years of working successfully to meet the needs of all parties—clients, attorneys, employers and insurance companies—have made her an exceptional mediator and negotiator.

Audré never loses sight of each client’s goals and offers consistent follow-up throughout the real estate process. Everyone who works with her knows they can count on her to keep them informed of the status of their transaction, and they benefit from her use of the latest in telecommunications and computer technology to do so. For a successful home sale or purchase in North Phoenix, contact Audré Skakoon and Experience a Unique Perspective. Call her for a complimentary consultation.